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About Quillpad

Quillpad is a fork of an original app called Quillnote. The development stopped on the original app and PR backlogs were not cleared up. The community showed much interest in the app for continued development and so this fork was created.

Quillpad is fully free and open-source. It will never show you ads, ask you for unnecessary permissions or upload your notes anywhere without you knowing.

Take beautiful markdown notes whenever you feel inspired. Place them in notebooks and tag them accordingly. Stay organized by making task lists, set reminders and keep everything in one place by attaching related files.


With Quillpad, you can:

  • Take notes with Markdown support
  • Make task lists
  • Pin your favorite notes to the top
  • Hide notes you do not want others to see
  • Set reminders for events you do not want to miss
  • Add voice recordings and other file attachments
  • Group related notes in notebooks
  • Add tags to notes
  • Archive notes you want out of your way
  • Search through notes
  • Sync with Nextcloud (experimental)
  • Backup your notes to a zip file which you can restore at a later time
  • Toggle between Light and Dark mode
  • Choose between multiple color schemes